Matching Landowners & Hunters

Are you a landowner who needs help in controlling depredating deer? If so, you will be pleased with Kentucky Hunters for the Hungry’s “Kentucky Whitetail Access”. This program was created in conjunction with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources and is a free service that matches landowners with hunters that want to hunt in their county.

Landowners will complete the form below, then will be notified of hunters who fit the landowner’s criteria. Landowners will be given hunter contact information so they may contact potential hunters to set up a hunt. The KDFWR in conjunction with KHFH may organize a controlled hunt with the landowner’s consent. (Landowners may withdraw their property from the program at any time.)

Landowner information will be available only to KHFH. The processing of deer taken under this program which are donated to KHFH will be paid for by Kentucky Farm Bureau and its participating partners.