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Spread the Word…our new mailing address is:  PO Box 43281, Louisville, KY 40253

You are our best form of advertisement. Participate and tell your friends. This program has become a success because of the dedicated hunters that support it. Come be a part of it. Contact local newspapers, radio and television stations. Encourage stories on KHFH. Tell your local Hunt club to get involved supporting KHFH with donations. Encourage your local churches, women's and men's groups to make donations or hold fundraisers to support KHFH.

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Once you have "liked" us send us a self-addressed stamped envelope to:
KY Hunters For The Hungry
P.O. Box 221181, Louisville, KY 40252-1181

Contact us at:

If you don't find the time to hunt this season, please make a monetary donation to support the cause with a check to the above address or use PayPal donate button above.










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