Step 1:

Use a legal buck or doe deer tag.

*KY Hunters for the Hungry will pay for the processing at a KHFH approved processor.

Step 2:

The donated deer must be properly field dressed, recorded and telechecked (1-800-245-4263) before we can accept the deer as a donation. (Handle the deer as if you were providing it for your own family.)

If the temperature is above 40 degrees at the time you harvest your deer, please put two large bags of ice in the deer; one in the chest cavity and one in between the hind quarters. This will help prevent the meat from spoiling before you drop it off.

Step 3:

Drop the whole deer off in the hide at your KHFH approved processor. (Please phone the processor ahead of time, if you don’t know their hours.)


Step 4:

Sign the donation log form provided by your processor.

Step 5:

Let everyone know you support us. Email us at that you have donated a deer and we will send you this donor sticker for free!